Are You Thinking To Become An Architectural Model Maker? Go Through This Guide

Are You Thinking To Become An Architectural Model Maker? Go Through This Guide

To become an architectural model maker in UAE, you’ll need to establish a clear purpose, goal, and communication goal. Few people have the budget to create a complete model showing every design aspect. Rather, it’s realistic to focus on one aspect of the project and get a general understanding of it through a monochrome massing model. This way, you can communicate the project’s vision to your team without a full-scale model.

Requirements for becoming a model maker:

An architectural model maker can use a wide range of materials to produce the models, representing real buildings on a smaller scale. These models present designs to clients or creative brainstorming exercises for architecture competitions and pitches. As with all models, these models should be durable and resistant to fading in sunlight. To achieve an accurate representation of the building, it is imperative to take accurate measurements and construct a prototype before creating the final model.

Work with others:

While it used to be the case that architects hired their architectural model makers, now technology has changed everything. These models are useful for developers and designers as they show future construction and help communicate the ideas between them. These models are made using lightweight materials and are usually scaled at 1:150. You can choose from various scales depending on your needs. Moreover, they are a valuable source of inspiration and can even be used to impress future customers.

Skill level required:

The skill level required for an architectural model maker varies. Typically, fully qualified model makers earn higher salaries, while only those with the necessary training may open their businesses. However, the employment outlook for this career is not good, partly because of the growing use of CAD software for rendering three-dimensional views of structures. As a result, competition for these jobs can be high. The highest skilled people have the best prospects.


Building architectural models is an integral part of the creative process. They are useful for pitching new ideas to clients, developing ideas for competitions, and brainstorming for design proposals. Architects have long used architectural models to demonstrate concepts and convey their designs to others. The ability to create models using traditional and modern techniques enhances design critique, critical thinking, and spatial awareness. In addition to being useful tools for architectural design, models are a great way to promote creativity and encourage critical thinking.