Functions of Mashrabiya design

 When you are in the stainless steel cutting service then you will get to work with a lot of different designs and people will always come up with something new and different from your previous work and it will be a challenge for you to work in that way out of your comfort zone but if you refuse to work according to the demand of your clients then they will give that order to someone else and you will lose a good client along with a bigger project. Sometimes people will come with the idea of Mashrabiya design cutting for their building and you have to provide them clean edges and inside of the design because there will be a lot of cutting and styling in this design. You have to be careful in this design and especially when you are doing it on wood. If you do not pay attention then you will have to face a lot loss in the name of material damage and time consumption to correct or replace that damaged product. If you wonder why people are demanding this design then here you go:


This design will control the passage of light ad help in getting the light for more time of the day which will reduce the energy consumption inside the building. You will get the right angle of light in your building that there will be less direct sunlight and more brightness/


You may not believe but this design will actually help in controlling the air flow inside your building when you have that on the roof and on the walls. This will help your building in getting less consumption of ventilators because air will pass through it all the way without getting accumulated at one place and giving the feel of suffocation in the building. It is usually used in the buildings which are for public use like museums etc.


When the air will flow easily without any hurdle then it will also maintain the temperature of the building and you will have a great temperature inside like it will be cooler in the summers and warmer in the winters. You will not need to add some new or latest version AC in that building because of this amazing temperature control system for the building by using Mashrabiya design.