How to Choose Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

How to Choose Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding flower arrangements are usually used to accentuate the aesthetic, and/or the sentimental value of a wedding. In most traditional weddings, they’re given as mementos of your special day and stay a memento for the lucky couple forever. But you may feel that giving your guests flower arrangements is outdated, and the whole purpose of doing so has been diluted. To solve this problem, there are now new ways you can give wedding flower arrangements without sacrificing style and grace.

Determine the types of flowers:

Before you get too far along with your wedding flowers, you need to first determine the types of flowers that will best suit your wedding flowers. You can choose traditional bouquets like roses and violets or go for modern floral designs like daisies and tulips. There are many other factors to consider when deciding on what type of flowers to use. They include your budget and your personal preference.

Look for wedding dresses you intend to use:

After you have determined your wedding flower choices, the next thing to do is to look at wedding dresses and how you intend to use them. Your floral arrangements can either complement your wedding dress or can make it stand out. Most brides opt for a classic look by using classic white flowers. However, if your dress is modern, then you can add a splash of color by choosing bold red flowers or exotic blooms. 

Consider the season:

The next thing you need to consider is the season that you’re getting married in. Think about how the colors will stand up against your wedding dress. If you choose traditional flowers, you need to consider the season to be able to make your floral decor match. For example, in the summer, green foliage would match beautifully with a reception decor that is made from a sunny yellow color. 

Make sure you’d like to use live flowers or silk flowers for your arrangements:

Finally, think about whether you’d like to use live flowers or silk flowers for your arrangements. Although most people are accustomed to seeing fresh flowers displayed in bridal boutiques, there are many advantages to using live flowers. First, they last longer than their artificial counterparts, which mean that you won’t have to replace them as often. Also, live flowers allow you to incorporate your wedding theme into the floral arrangement designs because you can create bouquets and centerpieces that mirror the colors of your wedding dress. 

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