Things from which your prayer mats need to be saved

Prayer mats are very much in daily use because people will like to have them to make a proper environment for offering prayer 5 times as they have a proper feel of clean place where you can easily pray and then leave that at a safe place. You can have folding prayer mat which is used for taking while travelling although most of the mats are able to fold then they take less space. Sometimes people will get very decorative mats and then they will use them as the decorative item too but in this way these prayer rugs will get dirty very soon and you need to clean them too often or you have to use vacuum on them when they are made up of wool. You can buy prayer mats of any kind which you like as there is no restriction in buying that but after getting them you have to see the following things in order to keep them clean and odor free:


You need to take care of the stains and whenever you get to see any stain on the prayer mat you need to clean that right away otherwise the stain will reside there and leave a filthy mark on the mat which will not look good. You need to take care about it especially when you have kids in your house because they will not be able to take care about it and they often throw food items on the floor and if you lay your mat at that place then it will get dirty from the back side.


When you try to stand on the prayer may with wet feet and then you fold that before the place gets dry then it will start getting a strange odor in the mat which is sometimes gets unbearable. These wet areas will often become discolored due to the wet area for many times. Another thing is that you have to take care of the cigarette smoke because if anyone smokes around the prayer rug then the smell will reside in the stitches of mat and if it is made of wool then the smell will be very difficult to go away. Be very careful because if the ashes will fall on the prayer mat then it will cause the discoloration of the mat.